About us

We – Eva-Maria Hofstätter und Thomas Wollak, both living in Vienna – are a qualified fashion designer and marketing expert and a business graduate and statistician. We had already had many years of experience in the areas of marketing / product development / sales and distribution before we launched the design label and registered trademark THE WORLD TO GO® under which high-quality products in the area of luxury souvenir articles could be offered.


Photo of Eva-Maria Hofstätter

Eva-Maria HOFSTÄTTER has worked very successfully for years as a product developer for all the major museums in the German-speaking area. She is also active as a creative director for international trading companies at home and abroad and is responsible for the look of the design label THE WORLD TO GO®.






Photo of Thomas WollakThomas WOLLAK has had a very successful career in the souvenir wholesale trade and is now bringing his extensive national and international experience in purchasing as well as corporate expansion and finance.